Providing science-based information, tools, and skills to promote resilient communities and clean and healthy streams, rivers and watersheds of the Chesapeake Bay. 

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Working to Protect and Conserve Chesapeake Bay's Shoreline and Watersheds

We are working to bring a number of new courses to the Maryland Coastal Training Program so check back soon for more training opportunities. To sign up for a course, please click here. Have a training idea that you'd like to see us offer? Email Christine

Climate Change Science Communication  

Classes Offered
National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI) Training:
This course is designed to teach you how to facilitate informative and empowering conversations about climate change. NNOCCI uses techniques developed by social scientists and ocean and climate scientists to train informal science educators. This training focuses on learning empirically tested techniques, such as appealing to common, deeply held values that unite Americans, explaining the mechanisms driving climate change with tested metaphors, and orienting discussion towards examples of people already fostering positive change. This course can be offered at varying levels from a two hour overview of the skills and techniques to an in-depth 2 day training with region-specific information where participants will be given the opportunity to practice the techniques they learn. 

Sea Level Rise and Building Community Resilience

Classes Offered Soon!

Planning for Sea Level Rise and Using the 2022 MD Sea Level Rise Guidance Document: This course is being offered in collaboration with MD Sea Grant Extension. In this course, participants will learn when and how to use the 2022 MD sea level rise guidance document, discuss and compare natural and Maryland specific sea level rise projections, explore case studies on selecting sea level rise estimates for projects and learn about funding opportunities for projects to address flood impacts. 

Applications for Using the MyCoast app - Coming Soon. 

Professional Development & Skills Training

Classes Offered
Planning and Facilitating Collaborative Meetings: This course provides tools to design and implement productive meetings. Participants will learn basic facilitation skills and techniques for dealing with disruptive behaviors. Class time is provided to practice using tools and skills to plan and facilitate meetings that accomplish objectives while minimizing conflict. Participants at every level are welcome, since the new skills will be useful even when attending, but not running, a meeting. 

15 Strategies for Communicating Science and Data to Non-Scientists: The goal of this course is to show you how to present visuals that have impact, use techniques that will keep your audience engaged in both a live or virtual setting, deliver data in a way that sticks in people’s brains, and transform the way you do PowerPoint.

Nature Based Solutions

Classes Offered

Nature Based Solutions for Coastal Hazards: 

This course prepares coastal planners and managers for planning and implementing green or natural infrastructure projects to reduce coastal natural hazards in their communities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how green or natural infrastructure contributes to reducing the impacts of hazards and building resilience.

  • Analyze considerations for choosing and planning green or natural infrastructure projects, including hazard reduction benefits, co-benefits, design, maintenance, and cost.

  • Identify and assess approaches for successful implementation, including planning, funding, and engaging partners and stakeholders

  • Identify local green or natural infrastructure projects and connect with local experts who can provide additional information and guidance.

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