Providing science-based information, tools, and skills to promote resilient communities and clean and healthy streams, rivers and watersheds of the Chesapeake Bay. 

The Coastal Training Program

The Maryland Coastal Training Program brings together community members, leaders, and decision makers to tackle complex conservation and restoration issues impacting Maryland coastal communities, Chesapeake Bay, and its sub-watersheds. The goal of the Maryland Coastal Training program is to provide coastal communities with the skills, tools, and resources they need to take actions that promote healthy ecosystems, resilient communities, and vibrant economies.

What we offer...

The coastal training program aims to support coastal communities through three avenues: 

  1. Capacity building is the exchange of science based information and skills through professional development opportunities such as thematic trainings, topical workshops, and technical conferences.

  2. Technical assistance focuses on meeting and filling immediate needs and gaps. It is a service offered through both formal and informal avenues. Technical assistance can include facilitation and coordination as well as advisement on areas of subject matter expertise. These areas can include communication, grant writing, program review, and social science. 

  3. Community engagement is a strategic process by which stakeholders can influence decision making and provision of services through intentional interactions between government/organizations/service providers and community members.

Ways to take advantage of the programs and services provided by the Maryland Coastal Training Program:

  • Attending a training or workshop
  • Collaborating on grant writing
  • Creating a publication or website for use by local communities
  • Planning GIS and visualization products 
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Providing survey and evaluation assistance

The Coastal Training program’s upcoming efforts will be particularly focused on the impacts of climate change in Maryland and supporting community resilience. 

Upcoming events

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